Solin Flatpack Face Shield

Version 9

Assembly Illustrations

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: It is suggested that you wash the pieces as well as your hands before proceeding.

Step 2: Separate the individual pieces of plastic and carefully peel off the protective film from the faceshield. Peeling film from strap is optional.

Step 3: Push the arrow on the face shield through the straight slots in the head strap. Choose the inner, middle, or outer slots depending on the desired curvature for the shield.

Step 4: Repeat with the arrow on the other side. It is recommended to choose the corresponding slot.

Step 5: Push any tab from the adapter into a curved slot on the head strap. Adjust to your comfort / size needs.

Step 6: Wrap the head strap around your head and connect the tabs to other other side in the back. Again, adjust for comfort / size.